Sizing and Fitting

Rugs can transform a room, providing a sense of comfort and luxury, breathing life into any space. They can be used as the centrepiece to your interior, exuding colour and pattern, or used to complement other key features, grounding your interiors with a more neutral base.

A large rug can be used to unify an area, bringing an element of calmness to a space, alternatively, a number of smaller rugs can be used to create independent areas and to break up a space into defined parts. Whatever the aim, be as generous as you can afford with size - this gives a luxurious feel to your room, drawing your eye out to encompass the whole space.

To decide what size of rug is best for your room, mark out the area with a tape measure or use sheets of newspaper to ensure sure you are happy with where the rug will run to.

The most important piece of advice is to choose a rug that you love! This is an investment piece that if cared for, will be with you for a very long time.

We've put together a few standard room layouts to help you decide on what size would best suit your space.

Lālla also recommends underlay with all of our rugs as we believe this is key to the happy life of a rug. Not only does good underlay prolong the wear of your rug by helping absorb the impact of foot traffic, it also reduces warping, and prevents slipping or movement of your rug once laid.  We can help source this for you if you'd like help getting the right one.