Our Story


Stories are what make up our everyday lives. They are the beauty; they are the ugly; they are the colour; they are the detail; they are the centrepiece of family and friendship.

The ancient craft of rug making has always been about stories. The stories of culture and tradition; the stories of families and generations past and the stories of their ancient craft. Every weaver with their own unique tale to tell, using colour and design to create each rug unlike any other.

Lālla is the story of two girls who shared a dream. Two best friends with a love for travel, people and rugs. Lālla began in the Atlas Mountains, in search of a story, and they found many… It is Lālla’s ambition to tell these stories to the world, and for these stories to become part of yours.

Our People

Lālla translates to ‘mysterious woman’– a fitting description for both the intrepid travellers that founded the company and the expert craftswomen they met on the way. Emma and Georgie founded Lālla in 2017 – two friends with years of experience working with rugs and personal collections too large to contain any longer! Their obsession has taken them to various far flung corners of the world, in search of new cultures, new people, and of course new (or old!) rugs. They continue to search for new stories to share with you.

Our Product

At Lālla we are passionate about quality, creativity and sustainability. Each piece is unique, celebrating craftsmanship and the individuality of handmade design, including their beautiful imperfections! Lālla rugs are made from only natural materials, using the varying qualities of wool and cotton. Each rug is ethically sourced, supporting female weavers and promoting fair pay in Berber communities.