Our Advice

Caring and Cleaning

Your hand knotted Berber rug has some amazing natural qualities; if looked after with care it will last you many years, possibly even generations. Each rug is made up of thousands of knots, tightly woven around the warp and weft, providing outstanding quality and durability.

Each type of rug has its own unique benefits. Beni Ourain and Azilal rugs are predominantly made from sheep’s wool which is rich in beautiful natural oils and provides an instant barrier to spillages and stains. The Boucherouite rugs, made from cotton and wool fabric are machine washable!


You can vacuum your rug as often as you like. Vacuuming on a regular basis ensures dirt and stains from day to day wear don’t work their way deeper into the rug fibres. The higher the suction the better, but avoid rotating brushes or beater bars, as these can tear and damage the wool.

Spot Cleaning

If any spillages do occur, the quicker you act the better. Soak up any excess liquid using bicarbonate of soda, then remove by hoovering. If you have a more stubborn stain, use a cotton cloth to blot the area with clean, cold water, and a little liquid soap if needed.

Loose threads

If a thread becomes loose, cut it with sharp scissors. This will not damage the rug and certainly does not mean that your rug is falling apart! 


Fading is a natural part of a rug’s life. This can be caused by a number of factors including location, exposure to light, type of dye and colour intensity. There are some dyes that are more durable than others, but no dye is completely photostable and therefore some fading will occur over time. Keeping your rug out of direct sunlight will help limit any fading and turning your rug now and again will ensure any fading is even.


Sizing and Fitting

Rugs can transform a room, providing a sense of comfort and luxury, breathing life into any space. They can be used as the centrepiece to your interior, exuding colour and pattern, or used to complement other key features, grounding your interiors with a more neutral base.

A large rug can be used to unify an area, bringing an element of calmness to a space, alternatively, a number of smaller rugs can be used to create independent areas and to break up a space into defined parts. Whatever the aim, be as generous as you can afford with size; this gives a luxurious feel to your room, drawing your eye out to encompass the whole space.

To decide what size of rug is best for your room, mark out the area with a tape measure or use sheets of newspaper to ensure sure you are happy with where the rug will run to.

The most important piece of advice is to choose a rug that you love! This is an investment piece that if cared for, will be with you for a very long time.

Lālla also provide underlay with all of our rugs as we believe this is key to the happy life of a rug. Not only does good underlay prolong the wear of your rug by helping absorb the impact of foot traffic, it also reduces warping, and prevents any slipping or movement of your rug once laid.